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Bullied in Boston + 2021 Mens Basketball ”Laze-isms”

By Grayson Wimbish | November 09
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Man, oh man. This episode was the farthest thing from a good time, y'all. And rightfully so. We're fed up beyond what words can describe. It's a crying darn shame that it's come to this, but it has. I think is one of our most honest episodes, and you can hear the complete and utter anguish in our voices. Unfortunately, we seemed to have tempted fate a few weeks ago. We asked if it could get any worse, and apparently the answer to that question was a resounding yes.

Braxton Burmeister went out hurt, there were PR problems with injuries, Tre Turner was hurt and didn't play, Knox Kadum struggled to find any kind of cadence after Burmeister went down, and we just looked so unbelievably lost as a football program. I've never been more uncertain of the future, and I think Pat and Billy Ray share that sentiment. The problem is, the bleeding may not stop until well into December... or even later than that. We have to consider that more bleeding will come with what seems like inevitable change. So that leaves us with three games left, and I have a feeling they aren't going to be a lot of fun.

The fan base has reached a level of apathy I don't think any of us have ever seen in our lives. That is EXTREMELY scary. When a passionate fanbase like Virginia Tech becomes apathetic, you know that things are bad. It's just now a game of how much worse does it get? Quite frankly, I'd rather not find out. But all we can do is still support the kids in that locker room, cheer for them to win regardless of the circumstances, and hug our loved ones and fellow Hokies.

College basketball season, you are very much needed right now.


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