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Shaky Start, but Good Teams Win & Great Teams Cover | MT*S*U Reactions

By Grayson Wimbish | September 13

Well y'all, college football season is officially on full tilt. The Hokies are 2-0 and are climbing the rankings, Ohio State lost, Florida State is still a dumpster fire, our boys over at Sons of Saturday Irish barely escaped Toledo, and we have the Black Diamond Trophy match up to look forward to in week three. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, the Hokies won a good game against the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders at home in Lane Stadium on Saturday. We all actually found out that Middle Tennessee dropped the "State" from their name, which is kind of an interesting move.

The Hokies not only won the football game, but they covered the spread. You know what they say about great teams? They cover.

No one at Sons of Saturday wants to get cocky quite yet. We know better. There were some concerns in this game, which are addressed early on in this episode. Offensive production will be a focal point of this Virginia Tech football team as the season continues. Questions that come to mind are along the lines of: How limited is our offense? Do we have the means to go the distance with our ACC opponents down the stretch? Does this staff trust Braxton Burmeister as much as they say they do?

We then move into dislikes/likes about the team's performance, Pat takes the mic back from Bill and goes on a "get off of my lawn rant" about how we should get rid of the White Effect (We all agree that it can go), I propose a "Stick It In" Effect, and we do a small dive on happenings in and around the game day experience both on and off the television screen.

There were only a few Letters from the Lunch Pail today, but you all have been knocking out of the park with really, REALLY good questions, so please keep them coming. They give us a lot to talk about with topics we might not otherwise address.

It's officially West Virginia hate week Hokies. Let's hope that pretty Black Diamond doesn't have to stay in Morgantown for too long.

Proud beamer
Coach Frank Beamer holding the Black Diamond Trophy in 2017 at FedEx Field