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Sleepwalking in Winston-Salem | Wake Forest Postgame Reactions

By Pat Finn | October 26
Wake Woes

Brutal - bru·tal - Adjective - direct and lacking any attempt to disguise unpleasantness.

Saturday was brutal. Three turnovers. 100+ penalty yards. Red Zone mishaps. Inability to wrap up. No offensive rhythm. Just a brutal, low-energy, head-scratcher.

On this game review, Grayson, Pat, and Billy Ray are ready to voice what they saw in Winston-Salem.

Topics Covered this week:

- Game Day in Winston-Salem at mini-Lane
- What did we like?
- What did we dislike? (Unfortunately, this is the longest segment).
- Awards - Pride, Joy, Fu-Crew
- Word of the Day
- Letters From the Lunch Pail
- Sharkey's Shout Outs

As addressed on the podcast, see thread below from Deablo Fan Account with some interesting analytical perspective on 3rd down:

On to Louisville!