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Sons of Hokie Clubery! | Special Guests: Brad Wurthman & Evan Massengill

By Billy Ray Mitchell | August 21

"The single most important thing that you can do for Virginia Tech Athletics"

— Coach Justin Fuente

Since the creation of the Sons of Saturday back in Fall 2019, we have stressed the importance of the Hokie Club. The Drive for 25 has been monumentally successful and excitement and momentum continues to build. With all that said, the Hokie Club needs us now more than ever. We have been hearing allot of questions surrounding the Keep Jumping Campaign. This is an initiative created to help navigate the financial impact of COVID-19 on Virginia Tech student-athletes, coaches, staff, and associates.

To help shine a light on both the Hokie Club as a whole and also dive into the specifics of the Keep Jumping Campaign, we brought in a couple of key figures in the organization. Brad Wurthman (Senior Associate Athletic Director) and Evan Massengill (Associate Director of Development for Major Gifts).

Some of the other topics we discussed included the changes that the organization has made in the past few years including the different options and incentives provided to members, the rapid growth of the donor base over the last few years, and the positive impact that technology has provided in assisting the department. We also dove into how specifically the athletic budget is funded as a whole, and where exactly your money is going when you donate.

This is a timely and important conversation and we ALL need to pull together and support the teams we love and athletes we cheer to help us get through this difficult and unparalleled time. Be sure to follow the Hokie Club on Twitter and continue to raise awareness and excitement about this department. Tell your friends! Tell your friends of friends!

We look forward to joining Brad and Evan again soon to dive into the specifics of game day operations and future improvements coming down the pipe on our next podcast!

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