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Sons of Pick Six Previews! | Special Guest: Brett Ciancia

By Billy Ray Mitchell | July 22

First and foremost - new croots in the boat! #GA2VT - we welcome Malachi Thomas to the 2021 class! Malachi is a 6-0 180lb RB from Hartwell, Georgia. We love his film - *see below* - he hits the hole well and has strong strides. He is the 15th recruit for the 2021 class. Additionally, we review the big time news: recruiting help! Former players Corey Fuller and Jeron Gouveia-Winslow have joined the recruiting staff. This is news that should not be overlooked!

The Main Event

Pat and Bill sit down with Brett Ciancia from Pick Six Previews. We caught Brett on the tail end of his ‘Media Day’ #SeeBelow

Brett gives us an overview of how he built his college football preview publication over the past 8 years and his rise to Heisman voter credentials after the 2019 edition. If you like deep dives on STATISTICS, FACTS, and FOOTBALL FIGURES - Brett’s 2020 Pick Six Previews is a great read. Discount applies if you use ‘HOKIES’ at checkout!

2020 item

We chat Heisman, CFB atmospheres, the ACC, and Virginia Tech’s ceiling compared to other programs - specifically in the Big Ten *eyeballs emoji*.