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Sons of Smiles: The Cornell Effect | Special Guest: Dr. John Cranham, DDS

By Pat Finn | January 25

If you know the Sons, you know we love our friends, supporters, and sponsors.

Well - Dr. John Cranham falls under all three of those categories! Dr. Cranham is a restorative dentist who owns the Chesapeake Center for Complete Dentistry - one of our favorite sponsors. But - most importantly - he is an obsessed Hokie fan and a family man!

Dr. Cran wrote a memoir on his son, Cornell, and detailed his experience of learning from Cornell over the better part of the last three decades (description below).

John joined the Sons this past weekend to talk all about his new book, his inspiration, what it was like writing it, and some of the messages and themes that are present throughout.

The Cornell Effect is close to getting on the best seller list for the 'Memoir' category. With your help, we can help Dr. Cranham and Cornell get on that list!! You can see more and purchase The Cornell Effect here.

The Cornell Effect: A Family's Journey towards Happiness, Fulfillment and Peace

This is the true story of Cornell Richardson, who was born three and a half months early, at one-pound, nine-ounces. The severity of his issues gave him little chance for survival, let alone for a normal life.

He spent the first six months of his life in the NICU and was then moved to a ventilator-dependent unit at The Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters. On that unit, a young Occupational Therapist named Kim Cranham began to care for him. She saw things in Cornell that many of the doctors didn’t. Against their recommendations, she persuaded her husband to bring Cornell home as their foster child. On February 2, 1994, after two months of training to care for his advanced needs, they brought him home.

This is an up-from-the-ashes story of incredible courage, persistence, and inspiration. It is a story of how a young couple started a journey to help a sick little boy, and in the process, he dramatically changed the trajectory of their lives. While written as a chronological memoir over 25 years, it is filled with the principles they learned from Cornell that have led to a more happy, peaceful, and content life.

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Two of our favorite Hokies: John and Cornell!

Go get 'em Corn and JC! We will be cheering you on!