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Sons of Super Regional Weekend | Jayme Bailey and Grace Chavez Interview Pt. 3

By Grayson Wimbish | May 26
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The last time Jayme Bailey and Grace Chavez joined the podcast, it was February 7. Wow. Time flies when you're having fun. And man, this softball team has been fun to watch. In fact, if you go back and listen to that episode from Feb., Jayme and Grace both called it. I distinctly remember talking about Bud Foster's tweet and how he thought this team could do some damage, and he was right.

This Memorial Day weekend, the Virginia Tech softball team looks to redeem themselves in the NCAA Super Regional, where they fell to an extremely talented UCLA Bruins team last May. This year, the Hokies are on their own home turf (which is completely sold out), and will face the #14 Florida Gators. If you're a long time Hokie, you understand the implications that this game has beyond the Super Regionals.

Virginia Tech and Florida are what we call indirect rivals. If you think of all of the former Hokie players that have transferred there, the former Hokie coaches who have coached there, the round one knockout of the men's basketball team in 2021 in the NCAA tournament, and several other instances, it should give VT fans enough reasons to resent the Gators just a little bit.

Between February and now, one constant has remained the same. This softball team doesn't listen to the noise. They're focused. They're locked in. They're ready to "shove," which is a softball term synonymous with kicking butt. We'll be cheering loud ladies. Go out there, play your game, and let's keep movin'. Go Hokies!