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STUFFED LANE STADIUM! | Mike Jones Hire | Transfer Portal

By Pat Finn | May 19

Pat and Billy Ray break down all the latest happenings around VT athletics, beginning with the 'Big 3'! See below.


Tailgates. Fireworks. Johnny Cash. Eric Church. 'We Ready'. Exit Light. Enter Night. Turkey Legs. Skipper Bombs. Beers in Lane! WE ARE BACK BABY!



Mike Young went out there and hit a GRAND SLAM hiring Mike Jones from DeMatha Catholic. When one door closes another opens. Can't wait to see how MJ takes on the recruiting trail.

The Portal - Giveth & Taketh

Da'Shawn Crawford and Michael Durr announced their departure and decommitment, respectively, last week. This is how college sports is today. However, the portal GIVETH! After recording Monday, we picked up a 6-10 transfer from Clemson, LYNN KIDD ---> COME ON DOWN! Is this the #MikeJonesEffect? #YoungJones2021