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Track Meet in Chapel Hill | UNC Postgame Reactions

By Pat Finn | October 12
Carolina L
credit: Richmond Times-Dispatch

Grayson, Pat, and Billy Ray hope to be the voices of reason after the Hokies' 56-45 loss to the Heels in Chapel Hill.

Topics Covered this week:

- Covid-style game day in Chapel Hill review
- What did we like? (Hint - offense)
- Where can we see improvement (Hint - defense!)
- The Quarterback Discussion
- A moment of realization for the keyboard warriors. Can our fan base handle losing?
- Awards - Pride, Joy, Fu-Crew
- Letters From the Lunch Pail (thank you for so many submissions this week, everyone!)

Well said, JC.

Let's get the boys ready for Boston College!

Sons of UT Prosim!