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Transfer Portal Update (Again) | Softball -> Regionals | Letters from the Lunchpail

By Grayson Wimbish | May 24

Man, oh man. What a week! There were a great many things to discuss on this week’s episode. We started today’s podcast off as per usual with a good old fashioned Hokie Haiku presented by the Main Street Pharmacy. Love to see the submissions… had been a minute! Keep 'em coming.

This week’s Three Big Things started off with a discussion about Hokie softball, their season, their multiple wins in Tempe, their up and coming trip to LA, and how we hope they continue to steam roll. Of course, the one weekend Bill and Grayson decide to head back east is the same weekend the Hokies are on the west coast. The deepest of sighs. We’re wishing the lady Hokies nothing but the best! The Sons will be watching from the shores of the Outer Banks.

The Virginia Tech softball team is headed to La La Land!

Phase two of this week’s conversation was a deep dive into Hokie baseball and the ACC Championships. It’s taking place in Pat Finn’s neck of the woods, so stay tuned for potential contentery on that front. Speaking of which - hey Joe Saunders, can the Sons come to your house one day like the softball team did? Looked like fun!

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The Virginia Tech softball team playing SpikeBall at the Saunders residence.
Joe Saunders Signed Virginia Tech 16x20 Photo PSA W27368 133448007590
Former Anaheim Angels and Hokie baseball standout Joe Saunders during his MLB tenure.

To wrap the episode out, we talked about the transfer portal for both Hokie football and basketball. But hey, what else is new there? While the portal conversation might seem like a recurring nightmare of sorts for some listeners, there was some good news out of the Virginia Tech basketball program this week. Lynn Kidd is headed to Blacksburg, and Coach Mike Jones is looking to make his mark in his first year as a Hokie as well.

Other happenings include life advice from the Sons, a football recruiting conversation, letters from the lunch pail, and a question that stumps the Sons for a riveting grand finale.

All that and more on this weeks episode of the Sons of Saturday podcast!