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Week 1: Virginia Tech vs. UNC Game Preview w/ special guest Mike McDaniel! + A Letter to Hokie Nation

By Grayson Wimbish | August 29
Virginia tech beats unc six overtimes ncaa

Dear Sons and Daughters,

The time has finally come, y'all. It's officially North Carolina hate week in Hokie Nation. It honestly feels like Christmas. In this case, the presents under the tree is Friday's game itself, and the Christmas tree is the town of Blacksburg. The ornaments on that tree are all of the bars downtown, the tailgating experience, Center Street, the Skipper, the Corps of Cadets and The Marching Virginians.

It's hard to believe that there will be fans in Lane Stadium on Friday. We still are having a hard time wrapping our heads around that ourselves. To be completely honest, it won't feel real until we're all actually in Blacksburg.

On this week's episode, the Sons sit down and chop it up with Mike McDaniel to break down this fabled 2021 North Carolina Tar Heel football team. The Tar Heels are spearheaded by elite quarterback Sam Howell, who has quickly become a household name in the world of college football over this past year and a half. We also address UNC's newcomers who can make an impact on the offense, their returning defensive starters, special teams stand outs, and our personal "keys" to Friday's game.

Also, Grant Watson sent in his first over-under Letter from the Lunch Pail of the season, in which yours truly said Sam Howell wouldn't throw for over 285 yards. Listen, that just means he might throw for 284 yards. I like to try and keep things interesting, even if it means being completely out of pocket. You can all roast me on the timeline for being wrong about later for that - I welcome it with open arms.

Outside of all of that, this week is going to a be huge week in terms of content for the Sons of Saturday, so stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and on Spotify for all the latest happenings. You most certainly won't want to miss it!

In the meantime, if you see Bill, Pat or myself out and about in town this week, holler at us! We can't wait to see everyone back like we never left.

It's been entirely too long.


The Sons of Saturday :)