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Brett Holmes

Virginia Tech was always the first and best option for me, but I would’ve never expected the culture that this school has been blessed with.

Since joining the Sons in February 2024, I’ve been able to appreciate the culture this school has from a whole new perspective. The memories Tech has left me with in just two years will stick with me forever. That first game in Lane was magic. Seeing Zay Flowers torch us wasn’t great, but that’s about the only thing Boston College had going for them that night. That night is a tough contender, but by far my favorite memory with VT athletics was WBB Senior Night 2024. Waking up at the crack of dawn to get in for College Gameday then transitioning to the most electric environment I’ve been in PERIOD at Tech will never leave my mind. 

I currently study Sports Media & Analytics and expect to graduate in 2026. When I’m not in class I’m either at the courts, at the fields, or talking about people who do either of those things way better than I do.

graduation '26, Sports Media and Analytics
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