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Rivalry Week: Virginia Tech-Virginia Story Time

By Justin Cates | December 11
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Courtesy: Zach Lantz.

There were a number of highlights from my first trip to Charlottesville in 2005, not the least of which was Tech's 52-14 drubbing of the rival Cavaliers.

Charlottesville is pretty cool actually. I had a late night Gus burger —possibly a "Double Gus"— at the White Spot, and got into some other shenanigans throughout the weekend though I adamantly maintain that my group had nothing to do with this:

VT logo UVA Field

I don't ordinarily tacitly approve vandalism, but in this case since no property was damaged and I thought it was hilarious, I was all aboard. If anyone wants to hit me up via DMs or something and take credit —preferably with some kind of proof— I'll gladly buy those patriots a round.

What were we talking about? Oh right, the game! This weekend is hardly as promising as those heady days but it's still a huge deal.

Tech-UVA is always exciting and possibly even more so now that the teams are essentially on the same level. As much fun as blowouts are when you're winning, competitive games are more interesting and are what get random fans to flip over to your game and enjoy the rivalry.

Speaking of enjoying things, check out the preview podcast from the Sons if you haven't done so yet.

I mentioned Chris Long in my video but didn't realize distinguished Virginia Tech alumni would also be joining in the form of Dwight Vick and Davon Morgan. Very cool.

As for my show, this week I tell another story from that '05 sojourn which really encapsulates the rivalry. I give my pick for the game and for a big time ranked match up between North Carolina and Miami.

Enjoy the battle for the Commonwealth Cup and the other games too if you're into that sort of thing.


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