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Statement from 76 current and former members of the Virginia Tech Women's Soccer program regarding Head Coach Chugger Adair

By Megaphone | January 09
Statement from 76 current and former members of the Virginia Tech Women's Soccer program regarding Head Coach Chugger Adair

We are a group of current and former players of the Virginia Tech Women’s Soccer Program. But we are so much more than that. We are teachers, physicians, nurses, professional athletes, moms, engineers, lawyers, corporate leaders, scientists and much more. And we firmly stand with our Coach, Charles “Chugger” Adair, against what we believe are baseless allegations made against him. We have spent countless hours training, traveling and playing under his leadership and are devastated and appalled to see his character and integrity severely impugned.

As current and former players, we understand women’s collegiate soccer is demanding both physically and mentally, as well as exceptionally competitive. In this regard, we all believe that his behavior, both past and present, has consistently been of the highest professional caliber. We believe that Coach Adair has and will continue to the best of his ability put the team in situations to compete at the highest level.

Finally, we understand that a lawsuit may be settled for a host of different reasons, none of which may be related to guilt or innocence. We firmly believe that these allegations are nothing more than a distorted representation of the facts.

Today, we join together to affirm that Coach Adair’s leadership has made each of us better players, teammates, and people. We stand by Coach Adair and Virginia Tech, and what we believe is the truth. And we look forward to the bright future of the Virginia Tech Women’s Soccer Program under his guidance.

Signed by: Alia Abu El Hawa '19, Alia Skinner, Alice Hamel '20, Allie George, Amanda Hulme '12, Anne Silverstein '13, Ashley Brascetta '14, Ashley Leonetti '09, Ashley Muhar '16, Ashley Rand '09, Ava Veith, Averi Visage, Bella Pontieri , Blair Nelson '04, Blayne Fink '17, Bridget Patch '20, Brittany Michels '12, Candace Cephers '17, Caroline Cipolla '20, Courtney Anderson, Delia Besler '16, Ella Ciardullo, Ella Valante, Emily Gray '21, Emma Pelowski, Emma Stanley, Emma Steigerwald '22, Emmalee McCarter '22, Erin Moore Williams '08, Gabby Johnson, Gina Om Guckian '08, Heather Donohue '08, Heather Timothy '19, Jaylyn Thompson '20, Jazmine Bell '14, Jen Boyles '18, Jennifer Harvey '11, Jessica Parker '04, Jodie Anthony '15, Jordan Hemmen '20, Julia Goldsworthy '13, Kallie Peurifoy '17, Kari Johnston '18, Katie Deneault '12, Katie DeTuro '14, Katie Kooiman ’12, Katie Yensen '15, Kelly Conheeney '13, Kelly Lynch '11, Kelsey Irwin '19, Kelsey Mitchell '13, Kendall DiMillio, Kendall Feighan, Kylie Hambelton '10, Laila Gray '18, Lauren Gogal, Lauren Hargrove, Mandy Haught '19, Marie Johnston '17, Maysen Nelson, Megan Strawther '10, Mikayla Mance '19, Molly Feighan '21, Murielle Tiernan '17, Natalie Mitchell, Nicole Kozlova '21, Rachel Sippel '08, Ruby Darling, Sarah Allston Phillips '22, Shannon Gresh '15, Sophie Maltese, Stephanie Boyd '10, Taylor Price, Tori Powell, Victoria Moser, Zoe Foxhall '19



Statement from current and former athletes at Virginia Tech

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